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News & Events

Need to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events in Blackberry Township

Look no further than Blackberry Township’s official site! We have all the information you need about upcoming events, important news items, and helpful resources for you. Our goal is to keep you informed of everything happening in our township so that you can make well-informed decisions when needed.

Property Assessment

The assessor’s office houses a complete file for each property in the township, detailing all aspects of its lot and any improvements that have been made. To ensure accuracy when buildings are constructed, staff members visit sites as well as review blueprints to document every detail about that property.

Keeping Our Roads Safe

Currently the township still has about 6.0 miles of gravel roads. The Township has nine bridges. We are fortunate that when bridge repair or replacement is necessary that state and federal funds are available to offset some of the cost. A similar source of funds is not available for road maintenance. The current tax rate allows the Township Highway Road Fund to resurface about 1.7 miles of linear miles. The average recommended life of a roadway is seldom over ten years.

If you have a road surface concern, you should contact the Highway Commissioner at the addresses listed below, so that we are aware of your concern and can check it out. The Township Highway District aggressively pursues any appropriate grant monies to offset the cost to local tax payers.